Saturday, September 14, 2013

September Bossy (it's an easy one)

Ok... sorry this is late.... September is a crazy month for me... school starting, the 3-day walk, birthday month, husky football starts, .... you get it... Since i'm starting my 12th year (can I be that old?!) of teaching and have a new school pictures it got me thinking.... A lot of times I think we get caught up in being behind the camera, so now is your chance to scrap you....your bossy challenge this month is to scrap a picture of you.

the list:
a picture of you
the list of "currently" (see picture)......

 obviously not a sample... but one of my many school pictures!
It’s a short time to get it done… only 16 days… but I know you can do it.
A RAK will be given to one winner (drawn randomly from those who participate)!
Now get going….
Happy scrapping!
Post your picture on your blog and link 'em up in a comment or join our Facebook group!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Septmeber Bossy coming....

Hey there...
Sorry for the delay. September is quite a busy month...
A new Bossy will be posted soon!

Happy scrapping!