Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February Bossy.... (sorry it's late!)

Hi there... Sorry this bossy is a little late this month....
Things have been crazy. I'm sure you can understand that life throws you curve balls sometimes...

Here is this month's bossy:

The list:
1. 14 patterned papers (i know, i know... but think about a and b sides)
2. 1 square photo matted
3. a 3 word title
4. 3 embellishments (or more)
5. 2 border punches
6. photo corner(s)
7. Cardstock background
8. 3 pieces of washi tape.

Time for a retreat for your bossy gals.... so we'll be away playing with paper and having a blast this weekend. Let's see what you can do with this list. Post away in the comments section with links to your layout or join our Facebook Group and play with us there!

Now get to scrappin!

January Bossy Winner is.....

Kimmy Jaster....
Here is her layout....

Thanks for playing along...
A new bossy is coming right up!